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Every assignment we do is different - and always confidential - but occasionally we get to share. Some of our work is in the public domain and some emerges without the really sensitive information. This page shows how we’ve applied our visual thinking and how some of our cases have evolved.



Letting Our Work Speak For Itself

Structured Visual Thinking™ - using the idea of frameworks and critical thinking to solve some of the throniest challenges and exploit the wide range of opportunities our complex world throws up.

The Rural Payments Agency - The UK

This is a case study that explains how RPA created an Architecture for Operational Excellence using our approach. With preparation, facilitation, collaboration we used visual and structured thinking to create a whole new vision for the Government Agency.

The Synergos Institute - New York City

An article that explains the incredible work that Synergos are doing and the recent involvement we are very proud to have had with them to help strengthen their network and further their visionary purpose, which is to overcome the challenges of poverty and injustice.

The African Union - Cape Town

The African Governance Architecture - Published on Apr 8, 2016. Exploring the future of collaborative governance through co-creation and dialogue in Cape Town

The Waterberg Welfare Society - Limpopo Region

A rapid guide to just some of the work we’ve been doing with the WWS in South Africa over the last decade. Few programs that we work on come close to our ideal assignment but this is the baseline. We proudly share the many years of pride and affection we have for the region, all its complex challenges and its special nature but above all its people. Enjoy!

The GGI Leadership Manifesto

We were invited to facilitate the recent GGI Leadership Forum, which took place in Vienna on 18th & 19th of June and this brochure illustrates the Leadership Manifesto – a framework for Leadership in the 21st century – which we co-created on the day. 

Making Election Rigging History


A team of close to 200 people assembled in Lagos to make the ‘rigging’ of elections in Nigeria history. We built a ‘Nigerian Electoral System V 2.0 Blueprint’!

The intention was to make this moment a tipping point for the nation. Transformation is tough at any time and in any language, but with passion anything can be overcome. The building of the ‘framework’ was the culmination of many people’s dreams. It was another step on a critical journey. It was inspiring and a great privilege to be even just a small part of it.


We had built a 70 foot wall. It had structure but needed the audiences insights to identify the risks and gaps in how it all worked. We had read, analysed, reflected and synthesised over 4 years of prior work - complete with all its frustration. There were countless reports, the global context and multiple well meaning stakeholder advise had poured in. We had assembled a framework to combat the challenges and spotlight the barriers – the technological and infrastructural realities.

The unspoken thought in everyone’s mind, as we went through the day, was how do we keep this initiative going? How do people, wholly representative of an entire nation, bring about a fair and just society? The incredible ‘system of thinking’ that the team built is one thing. Tackling the underlying causes and making them end is something else entirely.


The Power Of Customer Experience


MTN, the South African giant mobile telecommunications enterprise embarked on a journey that started in December 2009 at an ‘ExCo Away’ Event. In someways ways the concept started well before that but it’s a become a continuous journey of customer focus and centricity that’s lasted to this day.

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Group Partners was very privileged to share this journey and provide support to the teams through strategy development and transformation. It has been a significant undertaking and has taken years to fully realise.

It called for 100% commitment and persistence – by everyone involved. The entire company, from top to toe, needed to be completely on board and engaged – united by common goals. clear definitions and a shared vision.


The Customer Experience Framework


A major tool in the development of the MTN ‘Customer Driven’ business was how to organise the operation from the outside in. How would the brand target the correct segments - deliver the right experiences to different stakeholder types using different channels and at the same time ensure the correct return on media investment.

The Framework We Built:

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The Detail In The Framework:

The modules within it ensured that we and the teams would work through the important dimensions of what it would take. From the measures of success and intentions, to the barriers and from the touch point analysis to the service offers and implications on the operations.


Telling The Strategic Stories


Displaying the work internally proved really successful in engaging hearts and minds. We created large scale graphics to adorn strategic points within the HQ buildings. This work was also a feature of the roadshows to explain the strategies in each region and eventually internationally.


Time Doesn’t Ever Stand Still


Over the course of a multi-year program it was important to show progress and to embrace the many changes in the marketplace. As the organisation grew and shifted to adapt to the new markets and regions and as new people came on board we on-boarded, updated and evolved everything as required.

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