What To Expect From The Forthcoming Session

Firstly, we appreciate you’ve been invited to many workshops before. We sympathise if the idea fills you with fear and dread. We were clients ourselves and we didn’t appreciate entire days lost with little return on our participation.

To combat this we developed a very different approach called Structured Visual Thinking™. It’s designed to respect your time, bring a focus on solving the actual challenge and create clear and meaningful outcomes.

This approach means we’ve taken as much time as we can to learn about your current situation. We’ve analysed the material we’ve received that defines the world you operate in. And as a result we’ve created structured - highly visual frameworks within which to have the most powerful conversations we can.



You will enter a large/safe space where there’s no stupid questions and where genuine debate is the order of the day. The space will be ready and hopefully meaningful. It will contain important stimulus - information that provokes discussion. This content will be held within a framework and representation unlike how you’ve seen your business before.

In Preparation

We don’t ask that you prepare too much (if anything) for this workshop. As mentioned we’ve done all that’s needed at this stage to get us ready to get started. Too much preparation can often create fixed views when what we really want is your energy, open hearts and open minds.

The Agenda

Hearts and minds don’t work to an agenda - but our sessions do follow a particular rhythm. That means we spend the time where needed on the right discussion. We move to the next discussion when we are happy that we’ve understood enough. Over the course of our time together we will take regular breaks and cover what’s critical.

We will be working together to build (at least) the following:

  • An aligned set of outcomes and intentions.

  • A sense of the value and impact we intend to bring to our customers.

  • A shared Vision of the future - one that will inspire and unify us and our marketplace.

  • A reality check on what will get in our way - the challenges and barriers that we need to take account of.

  • A better understanding of how we need to operate as we create this new Vision. The capabilities and skills we will need in place.

  • A focus on what we need to do next to make this happen. And how we need to work as a leadership to sustain the work.

  • The principles and criteria that will govern and ensure integrity of the above.


Practically Speaking

Logistically, we will gather at around 8-30 for coffee and kick off with a short context setting at 9-00 am. Expect to break at between 10-30/11-00 am for coffee and fresh air, again at lunch for 45 minutes around 12-45 and then again at 3-00pm with a finish time around 5-00pm. The same approach will happen on the second day.

What Next?

Because what we’re building is highly visual (and we will be capturing every insight and thought) we will be in a position to deliver the results of the session in several ways. Our aim is not to simply record the discussion. We are engineering a runway to the future. Our aim is to arm you with tools to get to the next step. We want to help make the work that happens as a result sustainable.


There are many tools that we can create as a result of working this way. We don’t know what that means until we get to that point but there’s some examples - collaborative and more social ways to share the result and keep the conversations going - wide scale ways to communicate and engage with wider stakeholders using the results and further digital developments.

We are very much looking forward to working with you.

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