John Caswell


20 Years Ago I Spotted A Gap

Leaders lacked ways to think about their future - without being sold to.

I knew this because that’s what happened to me.

Whatever challenge I set, their advice seemed compromised.

Management consultants, Marketing agencies - anyone who was offering the leadership a service seemed intent on remaining a dependency over time.

It’s their business model.

I Had An Opposing View

I like helping clients solve problems and exploit their opportunities. Collectively.

I want to help them create the best path to the future. Visually.

But, I believe they need to execute themselves. Sustainably.


So I Created Group Partners:

We have a sort of mantra.

‘We help clients avoid solving the wrong problem really well.’

It relies on weapons grade rationale. Logic.

It’s about creating safe spaces for people to be challenged and think. Visually.

At high level it’s a sequence of critical interventions. It works.

But crucially it’s about arming the business with the tools to get the job done. It’s sustainable.

There’s A Big Difference Working This Way

  • The teams are guided to create and then own their own future.

  • Clients learn to be capable because it’s a rapid, enjoyable and rewarding process.

  • They are encouraged to figure out the real business challenges and build confidence in the future through meaningful visual experiences.

  • Visualisation makes it far easier to see the solutions that they imagine - right there in front of them.

  • Everyone quickly realises the systemic interconnected nature of new technologies, more relevant processes and practical plans.

The Prologue

Before all this I worked at a successful start up.

We created the most successful and famous microcomputer of its time - The BBC Micro.

We were listed. We made and lost millions.

In the process we spawned the most successful multi-billion dollar technology company in the United Kingdom - ARM Technologies.

I left as Olivetti bought the company.

I started a creative and strategic marketing and media company in London that many years later I sold to WPP Group PLC.

I’ve been clean ever since.

We’ve worked with great clients over the years: