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 What Our Clients SAY

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Statements that describe, better than us, the value and impact they see when working with us.

“Thanks for the prompt note and the feedback — internal feedback has been very positive with real engagement, motivation and interest across the extended leadership team — we have certainly kindled a thirst for more involvement which was the overriding objective together with an improved degree of acceptance and ownership.” — Tony Wood. Managing Director, Rolls-Royce Defence Aerospace. London

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“I have no doubt that you and your team are quite used to hearing how amazing you all are. Add all of us to the list of awestruck and inspired people you have helped towards defining their goals and vision. We have already been jabbering all weekend on how to make this all come true… It’s beyond exciting.” — Andy Walraven, Chief Creative Officer, XEN. California

“I have used John and his team for 3 Government turnaround challenges. His approach worked every time. The one caveat is that your leaders/seniors have to have the courage to push for the delivery outcome!” — Mark Grimshaw Chief Executive RPA, and the CSA and JobCentre Plus (DWP)

“Everyone I have spoken with post the session really enjoyed it and you are correct, the future is so bright we need to wear shades. We really need to just follow the path we agreed on, keep focused and keep at it…” — Joe Bihner, Vice President & General Manager, ADP. Chicago

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“An extremely valuable approach to both help the customer really drive out in their mind what the real business drivers are and why outsourcing may be the best alternative.” — Jane Kidd, Director of Global Marketing, Bristol-Myers Squibb. Princeton

“I’ve worked with Group Partners in two different roles now, inside the Cabinet Office and at United Utilities. John and his team bring unique insights into the issues that you’re inevitably facing — whatever your industry you’re probably up against internal silos that stifle progress, a lack of clarity on your vision and how you will execute against it, incomplete views of your customer and partners needs and inconsistent ways of managing and rewarding your teams. And 1001 other issues like this.” —

“Group Partners will absolutely bring a twist on the traditional views you and your company hold and will develop a roadmap for how to resolve them, presenting it in an unbelievable off-the-cuff freehand drawing that will allow you to present and discuss the issues to and with the rest of your business.”— Alan Mather.

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“John and Hazel — what a pleasure and an honor to have worked with you. Renee and I will be reaching out to you soon. We look forward to completing this engagement successfully, as well as planning our future endeavors with you. Without you, we will build a system; with you, we build our future. Many thanks and blessings.” — Barbera Bridgewater, CEO Fourthought Group on The Medicaid Transformation program for the State Of Nebraska.

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you all again for your work. For the time, the inputs, the kindness and help that each one of you gave to us on this program! We can’t describe in words how much this meant to us and how important it was for this project! Once again thanks for your support!” — Bianca, Bruno, Paula and Viviane Senna. The Senna Family. Institito Ayrton Senna. London

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“Great, great, great effort and what wonderful week. Way beyond all our expectations.” — Earl Newsome, VP Global IT Services, Estée Lauder. New York

“Thanks to u all for a very successful program. We like surprises and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by it all and especially the overall outcome and the manner in which the contribution was made by the whole team. There were clearly some ‘ah hah’ moments for us all.” — Brian Gouldie, MD MTN Consumer Business, South Africa.

“So many thanks Group Partners. This effort has been hugely productive in moving us forward. The entire methodology was robust and credible whilst maintaining a good degree of flexibility. The graphical representation of the As-Is and To-Be was paramount. There has been a really positive response from the consortium who engaged in the process, providing inputs, sharing information etc. Looking forward to the next phase.” — Olivier Djolian. Cap Gemini. London

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“I’m sure I speak for the team when I say that your effort, drive and of course the end result were superb! Look forward to working with you further.” — Mark Mamone, BT Global Professional Services. London

“This is a brief note to say many thanks for giving us a most successful Water Summit here in Johannesburg. I don’t think I did either of you the justice you deserved in ensuring this was such a successful programme culminating in the overall event.

There have been so many complementary inputs from those that attended the week and all agreed that the facilitation and the final frameworks were the key in the events success. A number of people said that they were ‘blown away’ by the ‘tapestry’, and I think that is quite an appropriate description of its effect.” — Dave Salmon, Anglo American Technical Division. South Africa

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“Group Partners artfully guided us through powerful conversations that visually articulated our entire project goals, illustrated the distinct efforts essential to realize them, and revived consensus — a big thank you.” — Jim Struby, Programs Administrator, OKDHS / Family Support Services Division. Oklahoma

“This work has completely exceeded our expectations, it is so critical to our business and without this event we would be in the dark ages forever.” — Jim Devlin. President. Invensys Home Controls Division. Virginia.

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“The Customer Journeys and overall connected strategy framework was so powerful, thank you. This work is critical to the next stage of this change in the business.” — Head of Strategy. Marks & Spencer.

“The client’s immediate reaction was one of immense relief that she could discuss the intricacy of her issues with people that could help her put them straight into context and meaningful perspective.” — Alan Thompson, Team Principal, Daimler Chrysler.

“The work we did together at WH Smith was really inspiring. The whole approach and the resulting Frameworks enabled us to get real breakthrough thinking around the brand, in the context of the whole business.

In any strategy work it’s critical that the Board have shared understanding and alignment about where the business is going and the key issues it faces, and that they can see the whole business context, not just the immediate problem. However, in my experience, it’s rare to achieve this. Your process delivers both.” — Jo Howard. Business Strategy Director. WH Smith.

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“Sincere thanks to you and Hazel for your excellent preparation and work to facilitate and bring ‘co-creation’ (it’s now in my dictionary!) to life on the day — despite my initial concerns it worked — extremely well!

We could not have scripted the feedback and style of Tim Flesher to be more apt also in my view — a better choice than even we realised at the time.” — Tony Wood. Managing Director, Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace.

“It brought into sharp focus the things that we were doing just as quickly as those essential ingredients that had been overlooked. 

The Frameworks became a conscious barometer for the whole business. It helped demystify many elements of the communication mix and most essentially gave credence to what was going on behind the scenes in a way that all people could understand and buy into.

The Frameworks liberated thinking and brought much needed light, understanding and finally empathy to many an erstwhile blinkered ‘Doubting Thomas’.” — Alexei Orlov. Strategy and Marketing Director, Mazda Cars.

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