Cool To Clean

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Hi! It’s Cool To Clean

This may sound a little out of the blue. Recently a colleague connected with you regarding your business cleaning requirements. I know this may not be on the top of your list so I will be brief.

  1. We are passionate about proving we are better.

  2. We would really like to prove it to you.

  3. If your situation changes will you give us a call?



Who Is Cool To Clean?

It may sound an unusual journey but founder Dean Yershon spent 25 years working in the media industry.

And, like many an entrepreneur, he saw clean workspaces as an industry that needed disrupting. He decided to put his skills in customer service and account management to better use.

There was a massive hole in the market for a truly professional and ethical cleaning company.

What Is Cool To Clean?

Family run for 6 years now, with many large and small clients in Central London and the M25. We are really ambitious and growing. But two things really matter to us

  1. High quality referenceable work.

  2. Positive relationships with our clients and just as importantly with our staff.

We would be delighted to supply references from the staff and clients who work with us. We’re more than happy to discuss this with you on the phone or alternatively come and meet you at your offices.

We very much hope we can work together in the future.

Warm regards,

Rachelle - Team Cool to Clean