10 Killer Questions

Jean Michel Basquiat

Jean Michel Basquiat


Welcome To The 10 Killer Questions

These questions are a useful way to think about yourself and your future. These questions are a precursor to many other questions.

The answers to the questions shouldn’t be considered as being right or wrong. Think of them as simply representative of your current state of thinking and appetite. Answer them in as few or as many words as you like. It doesn’t matter.

Before you begin first have an understand of all the questions instead of just answering them in the order below.

Hopefully, however you set about them you will find some questions makes you want to change the answers to previous ones and that’s perfectly OK.

At The Bottom - There’s a series of definitions of those terrifying words associated with strategies, visions and planning. They may be helpful before you start too.


1. What Is Your Purpose?

Can you define what drives you and state it as your single minded purpose? It gets called many things — intention, ambition, goal — several others. It doesn’t matter what words you use — your answer to this question should describe your dream.

2. What Are Our Capabilities?

What are our core skills? What talents and special expertise defines what we do? The answers to this question should form the bedrock of who we are as people and as a business.

3. What Makes Us Unique?

Is there something about what we do that makes us different and really describes our speciality and essence? The answer to this question should determine if and why the world need us.

4. What Is Our Vision?

Can you complete the sentence ?— “I/We see a world where…” The answer to this question should explain why the world will be better with you and your contribution in it. It will be inspiring to you and it will fuel your passion. It should also be inspiring enough to make people want to want to work for you to help you achieve it. It should be inspiring enough for customers to want to engage in it.

5. What Are Your Measures Of Success?

How would you judge success? The answer to this question will define the kinds of metrics that are important to you and wish to achieve with your vision and purpose.

6. What’s Driving You?

What is behind your passion and purpose, vision and intention? The answer to this question will explain what challenge you see - the thing that needs solving or that spark inside you that makes you feel you should be doing.

7. What’s Stopping You?

What’s getting in the way - if anything of you doing all of the above? The answer to this question should suggest the blockers, the sleepless nights, the small things niggling you. If anything.

8. Why Are You Answering These Questions?

Just take a second to explain to yourself why you feel the need to be challenging yourself with these question. The answer to this question will explain the current state and context of your world as it is today.

9. Are You A leader?

What makes you think you have what it takes to achieve the result you have described? The answer to this question will explain the foundations of what it needs to deliver and survive the peaks and troughs of doing anything in this new age. This is different to the skills and capabilities and should dig into the more intangible qualities to survive the future.

10. What Would You Do If You Were Successful With The Above?

Can you see anything beyond the purpose you have set? The answer to this question will challenge you to think if your purpose has a purpose beyond what you have defined.


Vision (From The Latin Visio, To See.)

“A picture of the future made with imagination…” - A complete and vivid snapshot of an imagined future that you see, and into which you can zoom from the broadest context into the finest detail.

Purpose (From The Old French ‘Porpos’ — A Reason For Which Something Is Done.)

“What you decided you’re for. Your aim in life or reason to be…” - It’s what gets you up every day with a push in your back which inspires you to do what you do.

Values, Culture & Self Expression

“What you believe in, the kind of place and team you work in, and the style with which you communicate through all you say, or produce or do…”


“The means you choose to achieve your vision…”


“The individual projects or ‘journeys’ within the scope of a strategy that people set out to accomplish, and their sense of commitment to them…”


“Targets that you describe in such a way that you know when you’ve met them, or by how much you’ve fallen short…”


“These set out how you will achieve the objectives…”


“An Irrevocable allocation of resources…”